In order to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a Bollywood actor, Danish, a mute man from Igatpuri, reaches Mumbai. A guard stops him from entering Film City, but he trespasses nonetheless and meets Akshara Pandey, an assistant director amazed by his acting. In an attempt to get Danish a role in a film, she... Continue Reading →

Anand – A 1971 classic movie

Anand is a classic Indian movie released in 1971, starring Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, and Sumita Sanyal. The movie is a drama about the life of Anand, a young man who is diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, a terminal cancer. and his relationship with Dr. Bhaskar, his friend and doctor. Despite his illness Anand remains positive and optimistic, and his upbeat outlook on life has a profound effect on the people around him. As the doctor and Anand become closer, Anand's spirit helps the doctor to realize the true meaning of life and to appreciate the small moments in life. The film is very emotionally moving and deals with the emotions of life, death, and friendship in a sensitive yet powerful manner. The performances of the lead actors are excellent, and the movie has a powerful soundtrack. Anand is a... Continue Reading →

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