Alone in the morning I awake

Alone my breakfast I partake

Alone I have my day planned

Alone I try to understand

Alone when I rise

Alone with my cries

Alone in my head

Alone wishing I was dead

Alone with my pain

Alone in the rain

Alone with my joys

Alone with no noise

Alone in my sadness

Alone in my madness

Alone with my laugh

Alone with my office staff

Alone with a frown

Alone I sit down

Alone in hurt

Alone in dirt

Alone with my fears

Alone with my tears

Alone in good health

Alone with wealth

Alone with a frown

Alone with no sound

Alone I wander

Alone I ponder

Alone with my wishes

Alone with the dishes

Alone to discover

Alone under the mattress cover

Alone in the night

Alone when we fight

Alone with dreams you ignite

Alone waiting for things to be alright

Alone in my prayers

Alone because no one cares

Alone without you

Alone with no one to look up to

Alone in my hell

Alone I dwell

Alone without a smile

This poem I compile.

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