Ajay Nath comes from a well-to-do family and is known for his tendency to use pranks to get his own way with his parents. For example, he once asked Dr. Panjabi to tell his dad a lie about him having cancer in order for Ajay to join his college friends on their trip to Kashmir. At school, he falls in love with Geeta Chopra who reciprocates Shyam’s affections. His father, misled by the false diagnosis of cancer, pleads Geeta to be kind to Ajay. As friendship evolves between them, they begin to have feelings for each other and decide to marry. However, when their families learn that Ajay really does have cancer and only has a few months left in life, they are strongly against the union of the two lovers.


Shammi Kapoor as Rajnath

Mala Sinha as Sharda

Randhir Kapoor as Ajay

Tina Munim

Hari Shivdasani as Mr. Chopra

Iftekhar as Dr. Gupta

Rajendra Nath as Dr.Punjabi

Sharat Saxena as Shyam

Sunder as Shankar

Mahavir Shah as Ajay’s friend

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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