• Akshay Kumar as Raju
  • Suniel Shetty as Ghyansham “Shyam”
  • Paresh Rawal as Baburao Ganpatrao Apte (Babu Bhaiya)
  • Tabu as Anuradha Shivshankar Panikar
  • Asrani as Bank Manager
  • Om Puri as Khadak Singh (Shyam’s friend)
  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Devi Prasad
  • Gulshan Grover as Kabira
  • Razak Khan as Chhota Chetan, Kabira’s close aide
  • Kashmira Shah as Inspector Prakash
  • Sulabha Arya as Savitri Devi (Raju’s mother)
  • Ann Alexia Anra as Rinku  (Devi Prasad’s granddaughter).
  • Dinesh Hingoo as Chaman Jhinga (a client of Star Fisheries)
  • Snehal Dabi as Man misjudging Bank Manager at the Bus Stand as a pimp
  • Sharad Sankla as Bank Peon
  • Bhairavi Vaidya as Mrs. Panikar, Anuradha’s mother
  • Kahkashan Patel in a special appearance
  • Namrata Shirodkar as Miss Jhinga, Chaman’s daughter & special appearance in the song “Tun Tunak Tun” (special appearance)

 This is a great entertainment film which was released in 2020. It’s a total rip-off of a Malayalam film called Ramjirao Speaking, which became a huge hit in the south. Obviously, the plot is engrossing and interesting.

Two unemployed youths are struggling in the big bad world of Mumbai searching for a job. Shyam (Sunil Shetty) hopes to get a job at a bank, where his late father worked. Raju (Akshay Kumar) also struggles to manage the complications of life; his mom thinks he’s a successful businessman from Calcutta, and he has a mother in an old age home who thinks he’s a successful businessman. By a quirk of fate, both of them become tenants of Babu Rao Apte’s (Paresh Rawal) house, a drunkard with a heart of gold. There are others?

Shyam is heavily in debt and has to compete for the bank job with Anuradha Panikar (Tabu), whose father also met a similar fate. Both are at each other’s throats, and not ready to give up, but Shyam backs out when he sees Anuradha’s mess. In his story, Kharak Singh (Om Puri) lends Shyam thirty-five thousand dollars to marry his sister, who comes to town chasing him and wants that money.

With an interesting twist of fate, the powerful gangster Kabeera (Gulshan Grover) takes the grandchild of an influential industrialist (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) hostage and places a call for ransom – unfortunately for the trio, it is the wrong number. This situation presents them with a tricky dilemma between their needs and ethics, yet in the end their avarice wins out and they decide to act as intermediaries between Kabeera and the industrialist to arrange a deal; all while increasing the industrialist’s reward twofold.

A hilarious and enthralling rigmarole depicts the trio’s encounters with the Gangster and the Police.

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