Thank you Daddy for treating me as your own

Even though I was only adopted

You were an angel for me
Sent from Heaven

It was not flesh and blood but the heart
That made us father and daughter

You were there when I said my first words
You were there to hold me when I took my first steps

You were there on my first day of school
You were there to help me with my homework

You were there to hold me during my first periods
You were there during my first labor pain

You were my biggest source of strength
You were there to give me honest advice when I needed it

I was blessed to have a loving and caring Father like you
To guide me on the road to success and virtue

And to fulfill even the most whimsical of demands
From the bottom of my heart

I want to say today
I wouldn’t be where I am without you

Thanks for all you have done for me
And thanks to your lovely children who call me their own

Thank you Daddy for everything


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