Due to Raja Raghunath's arrogance and low regard for the poor, the heir prince of a royal dynasty quits the house. On his deathbead, Raja Saab assigns the task of fetching Ram Kumar to a committee consisting of Birbal, Thakurain and James to provide identification marks, mannerisms etc. In addition Raja Saab wants Ram Kumar,... Continue Reading →



Ajay Nath comes from a well-to-do family and is known for his tendency to use pranks to get his own way with his parents. For example, he once asked Dr. Panjabi to tell his dad a lie about him having cancer in order for Ajay to join his college friends on their trip to Kashmir.... Continue Reading →

Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani


Ajay Bakshi and Ria Banerjee both work as journalists for competing television networks, K-TV and Galaxee, respectively. They are encouraged to play a game of one-upmanship or one-upwomanship by their superiors, Kaka Chowdhary and Mr. Chinoy. This offers them the chance to occasionally start singing while exclaiming, "I am the best!" When the two become... Continue Reading →

Sapno Ka Saudagar


The tale of Thakur Raibahadur Harnaam Singh is presented here (Jayant). The film opens with a flashback to a Diwali Night 18 years prior. A banjaran had changed the infant, who is now one year old and belongs to Raibahadur. Raibahadur had a sexual relationship with a banjaran, thus she was threatening him to treat... Continue Reading →



Badal attempts to comprehend the mindset of extremists and the most efficient way to manage them. Raj Kanwar's narrative takes place in Punjab, the source of terrorism, where he claims that harshly punishing or eliminating terrorists may actually lead to an increase in people joining militancy. There are two perspectives on this police tactic –... Continue Reading →



In order to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a Bollywood actor, Danish, a mute man from Igatpuri, reaches Mumbai. A guard stops him from entering Film City, but he trespasses nonetheless and meets Akshara Pandey, an assistant director amazed by his acting. In an attempt to get Danish a role in a film, she... Continue Reading →

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