Kumar, a creative professional, is in love with Asha. When she wins a trip to Ooty and falls for wealthy tea plantation owner Rajeshwar, he resorts to drastic means. He visits Asha’s uncle Ashok Verma and requests her hand in marriage, but the request is denied. Kumar then plots an ingenious plan to kill Ashok and frame Rajeshwar as part of his scheme to win Asha’s love. Utilising several forms of transportation, he creates a seemingly incontrovertible alibi and puts his plan into action. Despite his efforts, Asha still loves Rajeshwar and she promises to stay with Kumar if he manages to exonerate him from his death sentence. Knowing that Rajeshwar will always be the one for her, Kumar pens down a confession detailing his actions and seals it off for him before taking his own life.


Amitabh Bachchan as Kumar Sen

Navin Nischol as Rajeshwar Singh

Yogeeta Bali as Asha Parekh

Om Prakash as Ashok Verma

Shatrughan Sinha as Public Prosecutor

Laxmi Chhaya as Kamla Singh

Lalita Pawar as Sarita Singh

Asit Sen as Mr. Ghosh

Ranjeeta Thakur as Mrs. Ghosh

Helen as Cabaret Dancer

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