Prithvi is a famous photographer and Neha is a wannabe actress. They meet, fall in love and soon get married. For their honeymoon, both of them travel to America. However, during a stop at a restaurant tragedy strikes as Neha gets abducted while using the restroom. Prithvi is scared out of his wits and is willing to take any help he can to locate her. Lucky lends her support to him in this endeavour. Near a hospital Prithvi finds an unconscious female who appears identical to Neha; However, it turns out to be Rashmi instead. It transpires that Neha has been threatened by her kidnapper, V.K. so as to prove him guiltless regarding a murder accusation. Soon Prithvi and Rashmi appear in court, where they disclose the truth about the lookalike on the stand. Eventually, after many hardships, Prithvi and Neha reunite.


Sunil Shetty as Prithvi

Shilpa Shetty as Rashmi / Neha (double role)

Faraaz Khan as V.K.

Shweta Menon as Lucky

Shakti Kapoor as Dabu/Bellboy/Indian Embassy Staff/Club Waiter/Mental Patient/Sikh Man/Transgender – seven roles

Suresh Oberoi as Dhanraj

Navin Nischol as Rashmi’s father

Viju Khote as Movie Director

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