Due to Raja Raghunath’s arrogance and low regard for the poor, the heir prince of a royal dynasty quits the house. On his deathbead, Raja Saab assigns the task of fetching Ram Kumar to a committee consisting of Birbal, Thakurain and James to provide identification marks, mannerisms etc. In addition Raja Saab wants Ram Kumar, who cares for his little kid Munni, to marry Geeta the Diwan’s daughter.

With the proofs, three Ram Kumars arrive unexpectedly. Here Ram Kumar-2 gains the affection of Munni and Geeta. After a few comical incidents, Ram Kumar-1 is revealed to be Murthy, son of Rukmani, the foster mother ofy’s Ram Kumar who captivated him. Murthy is also a member of the netherworld ring led by a monster. Among Ram Kumar-2 is Ravi, btother of Kumar’s beau Komal and Ram Kumar-3 is Rajan, the CBI Officer assigned to find the truth.

The committee follows Murthy’s lead to discover Rukmani’s whereabouts and forces her to declare him as the rightful heir. On the eve of Ram Kumar’s birthday, he conspires to take out Ravi and Rajan, believing one is dead. Just before Ravi can expose Murthy;s plans Komal arrives and he is forced to retreat. Moving forward, the committee recognize Murthy as Ram Kumar and are ready to give him their testament.

In the meantime, Ravi and Rajan free Ram Kumar, who is shocked after discovering Rukmani’s identity. After discerning the truth, she informs Rukmani. Afterwards, she brings out the truth to light, which is denied and necks them out immediately. Evenually, Murthy siezes Ram Kumar alongwith Rukmani and plots to knit Geeta. However, Ravi and Rajan break it, and escape with Geeta and the testament. Murthy exhort Komal in order to obtain it by jeopardizing Kumar.

After Murthy betrays her by latching her, she silently steals it and surrenders it. At the end, Ravi protects them and ends the gang. When Rajan tries to abscond with the treasure, he reveals the nefarious shade of Murthy. Ultimately, Rukmani sacrifices her life while guarding Kumar and also kills Murthy. Finally the movie ends on a happy note with the marriages of Ravi and Geeta and Ram Kumar and Komal.


Jeetedra as Ravi / Ram Kumar2

Hema Malini as Geeta

Neetu Singh as Baby Sonia

Master Sachin as Young Ram Kumar

Prem Chopra as Murthy / Ram Kumar1

Mehmood as CID Inspector Rajan / Ram Kumar 3

Aruna Irani

Kamini Kaushal as Rukmani


Nazima as Komal

Sudesh Kumar as Original Ram Kumar

David as Diwanji

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