Will you be happy or sad when I am finally gone


I now feel that the end of my world has just begun

I look up and tears roll down my cheeks
As I think of the days
We spent together
I sit here
Calling out to you
Hoping you will answer my call
I lie down
And stretch my hand to reach you
And look at the emptiness beside me
And reluctantly close my eyes
You left without a backward glance
Not giving our love a second chance
No more hopes of warm hands
No more hopes of gentle kisses
The realization of losing you
Is slowly sinking in
I am now alone
With nothing to call my own
I just wish this is all a dream
And when I wake up
You will pull me towards you
And wipe away my tears
I never expected to loose you
Now I dont know what to say
I hope you know that I still love you
And miss you everyday
Just now I sit thinking
I wonder what it will be
Will you be happy or sad

When I am finally gone?

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