You will never be forgotten

Rest in peace dear Russel. You will never be forgotten.

This is dedicated to my dear friend Russel, who taught me to love, who taught me to live…. If you cannot come back to me.. Come and take me to thee… Life without you is not the same anymore.

Come back dear, come back to me

With you beside me all my troubles will flee

I just cannot take this pain any longer

Come and help me become a little stronger

This world is a very cruel place

Everyone around is with a false face

You cared for me, you loved me so much

During your last moments, my hand you did clutch

You closed your eyes and did not even say good bye

You just let your life slip by

You had always wanted to see a smile on my face

All troubles and worries you would always chase

But my dearest darling Russel

You have left me to face the tussel

I am feeling very lonely and lost

Every trouble seems worse than the last

When it is time for me to leave this place

Wait at heavens door with a warm embrace

1 thought on “You will never be forgotten

  1. One of the best writer who has written so well poems on love ,and dedicating some poems that made difference in writers life ,a wonderful expression of love never forgetting who a difference i your life ,hats off you Nora you have poured your heart out ,God bless you abundantly

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